Mitsubishi L200 Triton 2013: full assessment

The past year has been stagnant for the segment pickups national averages – only Toyota Hilux had a new engine in November. But 2012, in compensation, follows full of news. The top-selling Chevrolet S10 launched its new generation in February and the Ford Ranger has already scheduled an extensive renovation in July.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Frontier renewed its engine and Volkswagen Amarok extended the range with new versions. All that remained was the Mitsubishi, which has just made the line 2013 of L200 Triton, the only truck brand since the baseline Outdoor no longer produced at the end of last year.

Mitsubishi L200 Triton

Aesthetically, the Triton 2013 preserves the look presented in 2007. Only the front grille has suffered a very subtle redesign, as well as the optical assembly and the front bumpers version of “top” HPE. To deal with opponents of various calibers, the Mitsubishi Triton created a version for the Savannah – intended for “off road” more radical – since this configuration was only available on-line Outdoor extinct.

It took advantage of also for promote to necessary adaptation of the diesel engines to the norms of the Proconve L6, beyond new front banks, with bigger possibilities of settlements, and light alterations in the standards of coverings. But the most significant change, available throughout the line Triton is not visible. SDS is the new suspension, which stands for “Dynamic suspension Sport” – or dynamic sports suspension.

As the effect of scrolling – lateral oscillation characteristic of trucks and other high vehicles – the effect “bounce” – which is the vertical oscillation of the suspension bridge after an obstacle – and the effect of “pitch” – that is when the front and rear of the car alternately move vertically, like a seesaw.

All these reactions of the suspension or annoy both ordinary users of pickups, but generate the loss of precious seconds in competition “off road”. That is, on the ground where the Mitsubishi says its excellence and based much of its sports marketing, with outstanding performances in national tests – such as Sertoes and Mitsubishi Cup – and international – as the Dakar Rally.

One of the most important components of the suspension dampers are the SDS Full Displacement – something like “complete displacement”. With them, the wheel assembly does not tend to protrude down quickly when the car passes through a hole, which reduces the loss of speed as it travels rapid and severe circumstances.

To enhance performance in off-road suspension SDS addition, all models have the system Hybrid LSD – Limited slip differential – rear axle, which automatically transfers traction to the wheel that needs more strength.

In the five versions of the L200 Triton is offering the same 3.2-liter diesel engine DOHC 16-valve. It provides 170 horsepower at 3,500 rpm and 35 Nm to 2000 spins coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox. All come with Easy Select 4WD traction, with options 4X2, 4X4 and 4X4 with reduced.

The latest work is focused on the GL. With bumpers and black iron wheels, air conditioning and CD player, is available only for direct sales to fleets. Its price is R $ 83,990, but reaches R $ 88,990 with ABS and airbag, required by some companies. The most basic is offered at dealerships GLX, priced at U.S. $ 87,490. The bumpers are already in your car’s color and release includes alloy wheels, power windows and locks.

Above it is the intermediate GLS, which besides some chrome on the grill adds dual airbags and ABS with EBD. The liners are more sophisticated than the GLX and offered more comfort items. Its suggested retail price is U.S. $ 99,990.

Mitsubishi L200 Triton

But who will star in ad campaigns of the line 2013 is the version of the Triton HPE. The “top” line is the one that offers the option of flex engine, which comes with 4-speed automatic transmission, also reduced. The dual fuel engine is a 3.5 liter SOHC 24-valve V6 that delivers 205 hp and 200 hp with ethanol with gasoline at 5000 turns and is the most powerful in the segment.

The torque is 33.5 Nm and 31.5 Nm with ethanol with gasoline, when in 3500 spins. Fairing mirrors and external door handles chrome, leather seats, multimedia system with GPS to the dashboard and steering wheel audio controls add some sophistication to HPE, which sells for U.S. $ 99,900 in automatic version flex, R $ 112,490 in diesel manual and reaches R $ 121,490 in diesel automatic.

Already to “off-road” Savanna comes with the “kit complete slough” – snorkel, rack in the roof, board for refloats and boxes of accessories in the bucket, beyond tires Scorpion Mud 255/70 R16, wheels of steel and gluing to explain the proposal.

It leaves for U.S. $ 112,490. The expectation of the Mitsubishi is continuing to sell the entire factory production of Catalan, which is around 2000 units of L200 Triton month – half of HPE, 20% of the GLS, GLX 15% of the GL and many others. For the new version Savanna, the Mitsubishi expects to sell 100 units monthly.

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