Mitsubishi L200 Savana 2012

The Japanese automaker introduced the model Savana renewed for 2012; the model comes in a price range to $ 50,000. The line wins Triton suspension modifications and a facelift in version HPE.

With little new Mitsubishi releases the manufacturer from this week for many emerging markets the line of L200 Triton 2012 has featured as a great model all-terrain version Savana. The new generation of the pickup of all adventurers now goes to be based on the Triton line in the top-line HPE. Equipped with a 3.2-liter 16V engine diesel 170 horsepower and 35 kilos of torque the pickup will be offered from around $ 50,000.

Mitsubishi L200 Savana

Focused on customers who actually put their car in the mud brings Savana model differentiates a “snorkel” responsible for air traffic in areas where the pickup height is more than eighty centimeters.

The 16-inch wheels in iron brought Lama Tires 255/70. Inside we have many ways in which rubber for easy cleaning of seats also lined with neoprene, a material widely used for water sports users. Finally we have a roof rack which accommodates a table which helps us in cases where the pickup getting stuck in the blade.

Besides the line model L200 Savana Triton brings other news. The top line went through a facelift HPE with new headlights and crashes so the difference of others. The highlight of the whole line is undoubtedly the new suspension system called Full Displacement, which will be responsible for a greater comfort in all versions of the pickup.

Mitsubishi L200 Savana

In addition to the diesel engine the L200 Triton can be equipped with a 3.5 V6 24v engine of 205 horsepower and 33.5 kilos of torque. The pickup will be offered in white, silver, gray, green and two red options. No doubt a model for the adventurous as ever and for those who want to tackle the city with an aspect of adventure.

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